Alley & Chow: PM must honor $1.3B childcare plan

Kirstie Alley Credit: Jenn Kesselman

Shame on Ontario for pointing fingers and ignoring the critical issue that matters. We need to focus on services, our kids.

An all-party committee has been working on a compromise plan. It would add 38,000 spaces to pre-kindergarten, add a new co-op childcare program and increase funding for extended care programs, while also providing money for families who are on waiting lists.

We call on the province to move immediately on this bill. The province needs to honor the committed funding that they made in 2015, and agree to take action to allow equitable and affordable daycare options to be expanded.

Olivia Chow shows support for raising the age of access to subsidized child care Credit: Fabio Bensch

In the end, this issue will be resolved through leadership, and it is up to the province’s leadership to choose.

The ideas laid out by the committee could make a substantial difference to families and the future of Ontario.

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