Andy Murray loses wedding ring on the tennis court

Written by Staff Writer by Gabriella Griffiths, CNN

Andy Murray returned to Wimbledon this year with a strange but precious reminder of his time spent there.

The tournament’s match vs Novak Djokovic had been Murray’s in 2016, before he suffered a freak injury during a practice session and withdrew from the match in mid-competition. The incident was a reminder of what was then a recurring injury and ended his season.

However, it turns out he was misplaced a ring he intended to display at the Grand Slam tournament.

His wife Kim, 29, was desperately trying to find the ring as it was “not important to wear anymore”, according to the Guardian . But Murray, three years older than his wife, was able to connect the dots as it’s right next to his eye sockets.

“At the time it was definitely the most stressful time I’ve had as a tennis player, and as a person,” Murray said in an interview with the Guardian.

Getting married

During their marriage ceremony at Dunblane Cathedral in 2016, Murray had put the engagement ring he had previously given Kim in a box, and the wedding ring he gave her is missing.

It turns out his focus was on the second ring when he went to retrieve it, explaining it was difficult to spot in the crowd.

“The second ring was probably the hardest because it was hidden behind all the tennis balls and I couldn’t quite see it from where I was sitting in the stands,” he said.

Later in the interview he said he thought it “might be time to start a little family” and Kim went on to give birth to his first child, Sophia, in April.

“The other ring probably looked cool to her,” Murray added.

Andy Murray and Kim Sears were married at Dunblane Cathedral in 2016. Credit: COLIN BAYLISS/ST TIMOTHY’S CATHEDRAL

Returning to the grass courts of Wimbledon this year, Murray could also show his wife the ring he had always planned to display there. After Murray won his first Wimbledon title in 2013, she asked if he had “a big ring” he would give her.

“I told her it was in a box,” he said. “She found the box on the day of the wedding.

“She went to unwrap it and when she lifted it, it was just there. It was in a very neat, pretty box.”

“She knew that I did have a small wedding ring and she knew that she wanted to see it,” Murray said. “I gave it to her and she’s worn it ever since.”

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