Barbed wire-covered ‘crosswalk’ bogs down transit route in Toronto

For the past four months, motorists have been left baffled at the difficult to reach parking spot on Church Street in Toronto.

BC Photos posted video to Facebook of the space, which had seemingly been off-limits to drivers.

“This accident on Church/Cleveland really confused me over the summer and when I went back I realized that the bushes are actually blocking the street so I went for a road map and it turns out that we have no parking there at all,” Nuzhat Khan, who posted the video said.

After some social media buzz, the City of Toronto responded to the many concerned drivers with a statement from Deputy Mayor and Deputy Executive Director of Transportation Alok Mukherjee.

“We don’t know what you just saw. The spot in question is a crosswalk that was built in the 1920s. Traffic lights on Church & Lake is underground and that is why it’s not visible to you. There’s also no crosswalk signage nearby. It does not belong to the City.”

Although little explanation could be found, the City did say they will ask the Toronto Public Library to come in and clean up debris in the area over the summer.

Because there is no parking in the street, crews could start constructing the proposed underground underground “international technology hub” in the spring of 2020.

This project is being backed by the city of Toronto, and the proposed underground expansion would link at least one private partner from Canada and one from the United States and would connect the Parc International campus to an underground light rail transit extension from the Bank Street station to Bayview Avenue.

Videos from BBC News remind us that British cyclists were locked up in an identical situation decades ago.

So go on and watch that beautiful video and you will see what we mean by confusing!

“Dump the crosswalk, make it work,” wrote Khan.

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