CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ was an emotional episode, viewers tell the New York Times

Ms. Aguirre accused Mr. Cuomo of saying something insulting and humiliating to her, a claim the anchor denied and reported. After a joint investigation, CNN has suspended Mr. Cuomo.

CNN’s Paula Reid and Dana Bash, who were also on the program, also faced questions from viewers who felt they didn’t handle the situation properly.

“It’s a difficult situation when you get into that kind of competition, I get that,” Ms. Reid said on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

“We do apologize to Brooke. I apologize to Brooke. I didn’t want to be involved. I didn’t want to be put in that situation,” Ms. Bash said on Reliable Sources. “I think the note that I just saw was taken too lightly, that’s why I walked out.”

Some of the viewers contacted by the New York Times expressed concern that the anchors seemed to be mostly leaning toward Mr. Cuomo.

“Bash and Reid have been silent in this whole story for a very long time,” said one viewer on Twitter. “It seemed like Cuomo was not trying to hide this story from them and now he’s the face of this one sided investigation.”

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