“He Should Resign”: A Despicable Human Slur? Legislator Challenges Sexual Assault Survivor to Drink SODIUM

'Long&apos strains brains & gives short shrift to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, symptoms of heat stress & lack of air circulation in 70 degrees and up…

Such a sour one for him to keep sitting there!

Disgraceful for the member of the Legislative Counsel to ridicule a victim of sexual assault. For all the other victims in his chamber that must have run to the door in terror, to worry about these ugly and contemptible comments. Such a stain on both the legislature and the LCC.

He should resign, as should the LCC, for they failed the bill as well, and they should add more mental health professionals on their committee to explain the problem and help keep this son of a whore straight.


House Bill 24913, reducing drinking and driving rates, was killed in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee by 6-0 vote.

Two Republicans and two Democrats voted against the bill that would have held beverages at 4-and-a-half times the weight standard.

Republican Sen. Floyd McKissick Jr. said increased storage space for alcohol would lead to more wasteful alcohol consumption and “would not decrease drunk driving. This bill will not make people drink less, but it will make it more difficult for their effort to be recognized by police and the courts.”

Democrats on the committee said the bill would be hard on police.

Democratic Sen. Bobby Zirkin said, “I don’t think putting tons of containers on top of people’s cars is going to make it easier to catch drunk drivers. Sometimes it is a barrier to finding them. It’s a little hard to see on the side of the road, but being parked on top of a car is perfectly clear. I don’t think that is going to solve the problem.”

Four of the five committee members who voted against the bill said they were worried about the costs for communities under the bill, which would have been funded with an annual lottery ticket tax surcharge, rather than with general state revenues.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee, which normally focuses on issues of health and human services, instead voted to dispose of the bill.

The House voted 77-41 to pass the bill, but Republican Gov. Larry Hogan rejected it.

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