Here’s your first look at ‘Sex and the City 3’ in 25 years

Any spare time you might have left after taking care of the Olympics requires a nap with champagne and a TV. You’ll also probably be way too busy with Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and YOLO, “Sex and the City” fans, to get that much-overdue sleep and plan anything romantic. So in the meantime, strap yourself in.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will all return to TV, 24 years after the franchise’s eighth and final season, for its new limited series, “Sex and the City 3.” It was highly anticipated upon its announcement, but came less than a year after the final season aired in 1996 and appeared to be wavering in its existence for some time. Given the far-reaching success of the series, it seems that the stars needed the time.

Now with the first official trailer, we can add another reason to the list: Sexual tension with our favorite gay couple!

We know that Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha Jones, was the original sticking point in trying to make it happen. Unfortunately, Cattrall’s own personal issues and struggles with the show came back and shadowed the project.

“Sex and the City 2” proved the show hadn’t quite lost its touch with fans by taking things in a bold new direction, but it was not without a significant amount of controversy.

However, even in the face of this romantic detour, it’s clear that their hearts still lie with New York and Carrie Bradshaw. Since NBCUniversal’s marketing chief Gary Zenkel promised the star that the show was safe for women of all ages, it feels like the cast will actually be able to focus on the show’s central concern: Love.

The saga continues, ladies.

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