MD tells troubled 14-year-old girl she has bowel syndrome

Q: I have an issues with my stomach that seems to go back to when I was 12 years old. My mother had it when she was 12, and our doctor seemed to have really no knowledge of it. My side aches, my bowel movements are much different now than when I was 12 (no matter what foods I have, I feel like I have to run around and pay attention to eating because my bowel movements will not hold any food for me to digest. It seems like something needs to be done immediately, and if not, I will feel “pushed out” and vomit.

A: As the name implies, this is anxiety based bowel syndrome. It involves a change in the intestines along with an abnormal use of sphincter muscles, which is how you keep food moving around and from pushing out. It appears, however, that this is a symptom of a more serious anxiety disorder that may be related to substance abuse. The most common symptom appears to be change in bowel movements.

I have a weekly email newsletter and help from somebody like this is worth sending. If you or someone you know has this problem, do email me with your medication and treatment information. If I didn’t know more, I would assume you were depressed, and if you are depressed you may not take your medication.

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