Norway’s ‘Omicron’ pig disease kills 25, infected as many as 350

Written by Staff Writer

Residents of the Norwegian city of Bergen have been warned not to eat out or to take breaks at entertainment centers due to a new outbreak of ‘Omicron’, a deadly disease that has infected as many as 350 people, authorities say.

Since mid-June, more than 40 people have fallen ill and at least 25 have died. The number of those falling ill continues to rise.

Officials say the mysterious outbreak is most likely due to a batch of imported pork products, as the symptoms and symptom management resemble those of other similar diseases, the Norweigan Institute for Public Health said.

“The government is focusing its investigative efforts on four pig farms close to where the cases have been recorded, but is also investigating a number of smaller farms, as well as three pig farms where animals have exhibited symptoms,” the institute said.

Norwegian media reports suggest that officials believe the outbreak originated from an export packet of frozen piglets sent to Asia. The packages have been confiscated by Chinese authorities.

NIPH confirmed there are currently around 350 patients in the investigation phase.

Similar outbreaks have also been reported in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt.

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