Paige Robinson: Champion takes DTM seat and on to Hollywood

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Teenage race driver Paige Robinson has made her DTM debut by scoring a top 15 finish in the fourth and final race of the season.

Despite being the youngest female to compete in the top-level German series for the past three years, Robinson has been denied a regular driving place because of her age.

Having accepted her fate, the 17-year-old was allowed to compete in three separate races by Mercedes-Benz, one of two teams she drives for.

The in-season development of Paige Robinson is unprecedented in modern motorsport

She finished 15th in the second race on 18 November, three places lower than her weekend debut in the first race.

What does Paige Robinson think of her first DTM race?

“My race was frustrating. I started in 11th position and had to make my way up to 15th in the second race. But then the laps were becoming harder. I only managed 11 laps at the end of the second race.”

“The team has been great and the structure was better than I expected. I felt confident, I just need to make sure I don’t let it go.”

“Now I just need to concentrate on the next race and race position. If you get on the podium or start on the podium, you have won the race.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption While Paige Robinson takes part in races, her boyfriend Taylor Ashby remains behind the wheel for Mercedes

What about the gender issues?

“The girls are really good drivers and they’re pushing it on – it’s great to see girls like Jaynee Martel and Eliza Mould and Laura Shepherd winning races.

“I’ve been in the DTM the last three years and my age is obviously a barrier. Everyone seems so polite and friendly.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Paige finished 15th in the final race of the season. She has yet to receive a race drive in the 2019 season

What other achievements has Paige Robinson accomplished?

“I used to be part of an all-girl team. We raced at Brands Hatch but we just weren’t competitive and, while we might have done our best, it wasn’t enough. That really made me focus on my DTM career.”

“Now I’m just trying to be myself, but as a boy. I won’t act like a girl – although there are areas where you definitely have to act differently.”

How is her relationship with Taylor Ashby, her boyfriend and fellow driver?

“My relationship is quite normal and like any normal relationship. We are very happy with each other and have lots of fun together.

“Taylor and I know that despite the fact we are together, I still have a job and have to do it at Brands Hatch. It has been hard at times, but he is a fantastic support and sometimes you need a good friend who is willing to stick their neck out and help you.

“We’ve got lots of support from Mercedes. They are very proud of me and how I’ve done so far. They have been very supportive.”

“We’ll definitely spend more time together in the future – for the whole year.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Paige Robinson’s performance in DTM will continue to be assessed in the coming months

Who does Paige Robinson want to race for in the future?

“It would be great to drive for the Williams F1 team – they have a successful history in the DTM.”

“But that’s going to take a little bit of time. It’s the kind of programme that’s different to the DTM programme. I want to see how things go and how successful I am first.”

How do you rate Paige Robinson’s performance over the past few seasons?

“She’s learning by doing, just like everyone else. We all do – even the top drivers in the DTM series get less experience than other drivers, because their drives are so short.

“I’ve always really liked Paige – I admire her. When she showed me her school report and it said ‘driver’, I thought it was quite funny. But then we kept in touch afterwards and it actually made sense.”

“It’s surprising and a great honour that Paige is such a good driver. I hope that she can keep building her profile and improve on the DTM.”

What are Paige Robinson’s ambitions for her future career?

“I want to have a long career in DTM and continue to develop. I also really like how it’s a German brand.”

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