Peru President Recalls Military Officers, Deploys Ships to Aid Ecuador in Earthquake Relief Effort

WATCH: Earthquake rips through Ecuador, including capital of Quito. — ABC News (@ABC) July 2, 2018

Peru President Martin Vizcarra met Tuesday with the Ecuadoran foreign ministry to discuss the deadly magnitude 7.5 earthquake that has killed at least 69 people and left millions more injured.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said Tuesday that at least 39,000 people are in need of emergency shelter and that some 600,000 people have been left without power.

Vizcarra said the government will work with the Ecuadorian government to strengthen the pre-existing bilateral agreement to provide aid to help expedite the aid flow.

The Peruvian president also promised “all necessary support and all of the assets” from Peru’s National Civil Protection Agency to help “deal with the emergency situation in Ecuador.”

“We strongly condemn the catastrophe that has affected the people of Ecuador. Our thoughts are with their friends and families, especially the injured victims and with the families of the deceased,” Vizcarra said.

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