Police investigating alleged incident involving ‘The Departed’ actor, allegedly shot while riding in car

Actor Alec Baldwin claims he had a dream about shooting a man in Westchester County and police are investigating whether there’s actually an incident that left a photographer with a gunshot wound.

The actor — who is currently starring in an acclaimed Broadway play, “The Front Page” — says the man he saw wearing a gold chain and jacket had approached him after his baby daughter’s play and threatened to shoot him.

Mr. Baldwin called 911 himself and told the operator that he needed an ambulance for his driver, who was unaware of the incident, the Daily News reported.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday, Mr. Baldwin said he was driving when he saw “a guy chasing me with a chain, I was looking for my car. I didn’t know if the car’s been stolen.”

“I noticed that somebody had kind of just stolen a line from ‘Two and a Half Men,’” he continued. “I guess that was what was said, but I just said, ‘Oh, my God,’ and I got out. And there was a guy approaching me with a gun — all guns are concealed now. He had a cap with a gold chain and he was holding it up, threatening to shoot me.”

Later on, in the report issued by the District Attorney’s office, the details differ slightly. While Baldwin appeared in the report, only the incident related to the incident with the paparazzo has been reported to them.

While Baldwin did allegedly claim he had a dream that he had shot a man, he told a 911 operator, “I think there’s a report that I shot someone,” the Daily News said. “I’m afraid I would in a dream.”

On Tuesday, police told the Daily News they were investigating whether there was actually an incident and whether there’s an instance where an alleged defendant shoots another.

As Baldwin appears in the upcoming Steve Bannon biopic “Dark Money,” for which he has already been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for best supporting actor, he told CBS This Morning that his character in the film could “stand in for anybody I have ever done in the past — me being myself.”

“Anybody I have ever done in the past, whether it’s in movies or it’s in my personal life, obviously a lot of people in this country do not like me,” he added. “There are all these outlets for it. But I hope I am a voice for a lot of other people who feel the same way. That people can have a voice in these ways.”

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