President Trump Receives Some Feedback from Former Clinton And Obama Nominees

President Trump is visiting the family of the Thousand Oaks shooter in Los Angeles today to again thank them for their support and sympathy. A heartbreaking situation .

President Trump got an earful from a collection of former Clinton and Obama nominees during a meeting with them last week. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s golf outing with then-President Obama was a “cheap shot” because it undercut her own impartiality and the appearance of impropriety.

Here’s the entire session with former Clinton and Obama nominees:

The House today will debate a resolution to create a Select Committee on the Death of Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas. Castro was struck by a car and killed near San Antonio earlier this month. So far about 300 House Republicans have signed on to the resolution. Here’s the resolution :

Senate Republicans are rolling out a new set of comments by Anthony Scaramucci, the one-time Trump White House communications director fired by the president. “This thing isn’t just an operation, it’s, like, an organism where you open up your arms and your legs and your head,” he said Monday. In his interview with Jason Miller’s new Breitbart show he also said if Trump behaves like he does, “it would be the presidency I was anticipating.” Here’s an excerpt:

Scaramucci also said in his interview with Breitbart News he doesn’t like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

BREAKING Tonight: Lawmaker launches Russia probe with grand jury subpoena to president, 36 others

McConnell has not yet responded.

Media Coverage on Russia:

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