Spot shaming: Toronto force keeps driver in their car

Image copyright Dardman Image caption The parking spot is painted with bold letters that read, “A Parking Spot.”

A Canadian city has been sharing parking spot shaming photos that could be a warning to frustrated drivers.

A car parked illegally in the BAY area of Toronto has been shamed on social media with the hashtags #ParkingShame and #PandaShaming, and anyone who has found themselves in similar circumstances is being urged to share their own experiences.

Image copyright @FleetTEAMImage Image caption An irate response appeared to be the only thing that kept this driver in the car

“Seriously?!” the city of Toronto’s official site said. “Shame on you. Come and give us the scoop on your parking horror!”

The spot, as you might have guessed, was a public parking spot in a neighbourhood called BAY North.

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“Shame on you” – irony

The lot featured bold yellow writing which read, “#PARKING SPOT” and some further letters on the white street in the city’s northwest that said: “Parking spot here. I’ll pay!”

#PARKINGSPOT – courtesy of @dicksvwin Now keep the flag and pictures of your parking shames in the #BNE @michaelamarchand @AMarchandllc for the city to share at my expense! Don’t worry, I’m paying your fine!! — Doug Hedger (@Hedger14) June 22, 2018

Heavily windscreen-wiped fenders became a common sight among shocked motorists.

Somehow, the drivers and passengers in one car, later blurred out on Instagram, seem not to have learned from that initial shock.

To find out how they got on in what turned out to be a really blundering parking attempt, read on.

Image copyright @jacqcf_rocks Image caption This driver discovered that parking can sometimes be a learning experience

Image copyright @dicksvwin Image caption Another driver didn’t quite make it through this one

Image copyright @fattess A picture says a thousand words

Image copyright @fattess Image caption This said a lot about this one

Image copyright @fattess Image caption The driver who decided that there was no point in reverse idling was told to “park and be clever” by a BMW employee

The Ford Focus in question was ticketed for blocking the line at a side entrance to a public school and had it slapped on the windshield, the carsitting driver taking to Instagram to show it.

“I know a lot of cars have been parked illegally to leave their cars there, and leave it when you are waiting in line,” Mikko Ketilainen, creator of the weekly Parking Shaming Snapshots project, told the Guardian.

“Because of course you can see a car parked out front and not realise you could have parked there. But all these people had no clue. They said they didn’t see signs.”

Image copyright @mikko Ketilainen Image caption Other parking areas are not perfectly photographed as you might think

Image copyright @mikko Ketilainen Image caption Some parking areas are not entirely perfectly photographed, but you can tell where they are

According to the Guardian, the drivers being shamed are only the ones who have been caught out so far.

Reasons for the tickets include leaving their cars on double yellow lines, not putting their parking spot clearly in view and, in one case, parking in a space for two – you get tickets for that, kids.

“No discretion by the staff or the signs to tell you how far away you are,” the mayor said in an email interview with the newspaper.

“It is up to the driver to look for the signs and not park in public space. There will be more on both sides of this issue in the coming days as we target some of the worst offenders.”

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