Tom Rogan Show: All Eyes Are On Kuwait

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Kuwait is in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis following an assault on the country’s parliament by a regional bloc, a violent petition drive to suspend the parliamentary elections in March, and an independent prosecutor saying that emir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah and his family formed a criminal syndicate, which includes three of his sons. The opaqueness and behavior of the ruling family has become a big question for Kuwaitis after the recent arrest of a top Kuwaiti oil official, which forced him into a self-imposed exile. There’s another massive question for Kuwaitis this time in the form of the 2022 Gulf Countries Winter Olympic Games. Some of the Gulf countries are facing a direct threat from Iran and Islamic State, and will need to give official sanction to terrorist and financial sponsors of terror, without requiring a vote or ratification by the ruling family. These months can turn things upside down in an incredible way.

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