What flight attendants want you to know about traveling right now

Prepare to wake up an hour earlier, hit the snooze button less often, and so on

What flight attendants want you to know about traveling right now

On the forefront of the recent global backlash against airlines’ ridiculous over-scheduling – as reports of in-flight food nightmares make headlines – is simple fact: Flight attendants actually want you to take your time and not hit the snooze button so often.

Rather than just the ultimate dinner companion, flight attendants also want you to take your time to eat, eat well, drink well and rest well.

They want to know you are not rushing to make any of your precious flight time back to your vacation destination, but instead will allow plenty of quiet time to think, relax and rest. Here are the flight attendants’ tips for helping you do this:

1. Leave the phone at home

Ask for your seat back to be reclined.

2. The tray table: for making a sandwich, and keeping the bread cool

Stay calm!

3. Always don’t take your earphones out

Know your limits, and listen with your fingers, not your ears. And don’t play loud music.

4. Eat first

Before I get to where I am going, I like to eat. A lot! Pack a small food container that holds a small amount of your favorite meals. You can refill it as you go.

5. Roll it up and throw it on your tray

The carrier you carry holds a lot of weight, which becomes an issue when it warms up in the overhead bin. As it warms up, it can expand, getting easier to get around and harder to find.

6. Make room for yourself on the flight

Hide little jewelry that you can leave at home, so there is a barrier between you and the universe.

7. For a good night’s sleep

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