What is Chávez’s heir doing to his country?

Maduro has run Venezuela since 2013. He inherited the presidency following the death of Hugo Chávez in 2013, and led the country into the most virulent political crisis in its history.

He assumed office with 57 percent of the vote, and was backed by his boss, the late Hugo Chávez, who was the original inspiration for the late socialist president.

Venezuela is embroiled in the worst economic crisis in its history, with millions facing shortages of food and medicines.

Maduro has overseen the country’s descent into a classic oil-backed autocracy. He won reelection in May in a election boycotted by the opposition and said by some international observers to be marred by irregularities.

The director of the respected South American-based regional bank Banco Nacional de Inversiones, Héctor Marchena, said in April that Venezuela is “probably the most imprudent country” in Latin America.

“As for Maduro himself, the ball is in his court,” Marchena said. “He will have to come up with some kind of path and decide how to politically exit the crisis we are going through.”

Following the Supreme Court’s December ruling annulling the 2017 results of a presidential election, the country held another vote on May 20, in which Maduro was re-elected by a landslide.

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