Can Rivian Do What the Tesla and BMW Can’t?

Dear Rivian: You spent a lot of time and money making your first production vehicle, the Rivian REV. Is there any way you could have achieved some of the hype of the stock, or at least not just spend so much time bouncing back and forth from the fund raiser circuit? It’s not like you really have a good product. Do you think everyone would have bothered to follow your innovations if you could have just finished it?

More to the point, are you ready to build the second car, for the second, 3rd time? Rivian is finally running out of money and seems to have just about lost faith in raising more money. I just hope someone else has some deep pockets. It really is very sad, I can’t get this out of my head.

But that’s probably for the best, certainly better than more money, and just keep going with production if you’re serious about it. Those running the Rivian company make interesting and sometimes highly innovative cars. They are probably also quite upset about their first cars. Good luck getting any customers on board!

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