How Can The Bengals Get Things Back On Track?

Today we break down why the Cincinnati Bengals are the top dog in sports when it comes to seemingly imploding teams. Last week the Bengals were a “Home Run Derby” from Super Bowl qualification. But this weekend the Bengals experienced a big blown lead and lost a close game. The Bengals’ 1-5 record is the worst in the league. Teams in the top 10 are in the playoffs. Let’s see what’s up with the Bengals. Well, it starts with Teryl Austin as head coach. He’s struggling with young players and hasn’t shown much flexibility, going with the same eight defensive starters and just one change for an offensive coordinator when Hue Jackson got the boot a month ago.

More coaches may be in trouble. Have you heard this part about the new NFL rules? You can now carry bags, water bottles and food in the stadium. This in front of the coach. But the Bengals didn’t bring in more food this year.

You also can now carry on your cellphone during a game. And no, they couldn’t find a pocket that was in your seat. That means big fines for throwing your phone onto the field, or on the team bus. But here’s the kicker. If you come into a game with your phone, that means you’re OK to bring it in the stadium and take the mug you were holding it in. Let me know who wins that one.

Let’s take a closer look at the Tide for May 7th. The two straight wins for Mississippi State has lifted their stock to the point that they are now the most valuable football program in the state. Never mind that the Bulldogs are not the premier program in the state and on the football field. If the big head coach job is available, can anyone top the SEC and SEC Media?

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