Mike Kelly: Trudeau staked a political claim on indigenous land

I think that is a very interesting, simple, admirable idea. I think we could revisit that there is a way to do that.

But it can be difficult, as I said, because it involves somewhat of a merger between the territories. And so on a government level there has to be some considerations of say, is this just going to be government land, is it the majority government land, is it owned by a different entity, is it shared? And the kinds of questions that have to be addressed at that federal level that we have to consider.

But it is a very interesting idea and certainly one worth working on at a national level.

We would have to make sure that the people who are really the beneficiaries of this, the people who need it, get access to it. But I think it would be very, very important to revisit that idea.

In the ACT, we have a great partnership with Ginninderra Shire Council. We’ve been able to set up a program whereby under the co-management of the land, if a land owner abandons their property and is able to make a claim that their family should get that land back. We believe this is an incredibly important process for making sure that the people in ACT who have been locked out of lands for generations actually do get access.

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