Samba, Cachaça and Pickled Eggs: ‘Dirty Feet’ Bars Are ‘Essence of Rio’

This week, our friends from Curio at the Curio preview their next project in Rio de Janeiro

Samba, Cachaça and Pickled Eggs: ‘Dirty Feet’ Bars Are ‘Essence of Rio’

Curio is one of Curvistar’s Miami imports.

When Curio at Curvistar opened in Miami in 2010, it was conceived as a year-round experience to explore Afro-Latin American culture through cocktails, food and soundscapes. It’s the brainchild of owners Ruben Lewin and his artist wife Alencia Krieger.

Curio has carried that creative energy through to Rio de Janeiro, now their home base, where Lewin says they’re “looking to grow as a global brand”. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at their concept.

Curio is also on Instagram @curibastebrazil.

The goal is for each place to be “a pop-up that everyone can enjoy, from a wealthy tourist to some marginal girl from a favela”.

Every bar features fresh-pressed cocktails, steak from the Casa Ciudad where they graze, a drum by chef Neide Gabriel Avram and spicy vibes.

Samba, of course, is the mainstay. They team up with Grupo Umbrío, producers of Cachaça, on its flavourings, for instance five cinnamon drops, pineapple, rosemary, coconut, passion fruit and soda water.

Curio is in Cordoba Soirério, Bahia State, Brazil (“America’s wealthiest tequila country”) and will open one bar here and one in Sao Paulo, as well as one at the Curio in New York. A new bar, Tenembrío, will be introduced to Cuba, the Hub in Dubai and Curio in London.

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