Worship ‘Godless Church’ in second location; ‘We will move it,’ church officials say

By Todd Starnes

City officials in Toronto say that in a few weeks – city leaders will announce the exact location for the second location of the controversial “Godless Church.”


The The Gathering Place, with its welcoming logo featuring a halo, is scheduled to open in January at an undisclosed location. In June, the New Spirit Revival Center Church came under fire for renting the space at 350 Spadina Avenue.

“We wanted to make it clear that we are now where we were before and that no actual person has ever committed this act of vandalism or hate,” church spokesman Randy Milchler told FOX411. “The protest staged by downtown nannies was really just a ‘misunderstanding’ on our part.

“The Toronto Police never came to us and did not come to The Gathering Place Church, as they claimed they would,” he said. “They drove a couple of blocks to the spot. They saw some damage to our fence and were told that it was vandalism.”

Milchler said the punishment was excessive.

“We were very disappointed because we have believed all along that we did nothing wrong,” he said. “We will continue to say that we’re ‘Godless Church’ and leave the discrimination to the rest of the world.”

So now the church is moving to a new location – but will the church be renamed The Undoing Church?

“No, it is not,” Milchler told FOX411. “We have moved the church to a new location.”

Milchler told the Toronto Sun newspaper, “Let’s give God credit for not allowing this to become the defining moment in our future.”

That’s a pretty cool way to respond to a controversy.

Mel Reynolds – former pastor of the Bible Tabernacle Church in Chicago – is apparently on record as saying, “No religious group can afford to put up something like The Gathering Place.”

Milchler was asked if he was, in fact, the father of The Gathering Place.

“I can’t speak for my father – but the name is mine,” he said.

Milchler said the new location will have room for up to a few hundred people.

“Everyone will have a sense of calmness, a sense of peace and a sense of responsibility for our soul,” he said. “God is going to be within our presence – every day. We are not going to run away from Him.

And for those who have expressed outrage – you can find the same un-American sentiment outside the current location, he said.

“People feel that the church is a peaceful place and that’s what it is,” he said. “We’re there because our God is going to guide our lives every day.”

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